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State Specific Information:


For information on certificate requirements in Florida click here.

The Florida Department of Education requirements for renewal applications received on or after July 1, 2014 require six (6) semester hours of college credit to include at least one (1) semester hour in teaching students with disabilities (SWD) must be earned during each renewal period to renew your certificate. Please refer to our newest online course
Teaching Special Populations.

All courses may be taken for Graduate or Professional Development Credit

If you are taking a course for professional development credit towards Florida State Recertification, documents must be submitted to the state from your district. Those students who self-submit recertification documents, must provide graduate transcripts to the Department of Education and would take a course for graduate credit. The Department of Education will not accept a professional development certificate as evidence of completed requirements if you are self-submitting.  Please see here for re-certification requirements.


Get Approval

Your district may require a preliminary review in order to approve your TEI course. Print this letter, attach the corresponding course description and syllabus to it, and submit it to your district for review. Please keep in mind that your district may require additional information – always check with your district prior to registering for a course.


One (1) Graduate Credit Online Courses

  • One (1) Graduate Credit Courses are 4 weeks in length.
  • One (1) Graduate Credit Participants may earn 1 semester hour of graduate credit from Madonna University.
  • One (1) Graduate Credit course tuition is $192.
  • Professional Development course tuition is $142.
  • Professional Development participants receive a certificate of completion from TEI for 20 hours PD credit. Professional Development participants will NOT receive a transcript from one of our sponsoring universities and colleges.