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Florida Students with Disabilities Requirement

The State of Florida requires teachers wishing to renew their certificates to complete six credit hours, at least one of which has to be about teaching students with disabilities. We offer several classes that meet this criteria.

The classes listed below are accepted by The State of Florida as the students with disabilities class. We offer both three and one-credit courses as the requirement is at least one hour: a three-credit course will fulfill the requirement and count as three of the required six credits. 

Most teachers in Florida opt to take classes through Madonna University, but students can choose to receive credit from any of our partner universities as long as the class in question is offered by that university.

Class information is available by clicking any of the course names below, including course numbers, upcoming dates, and class format and content. You can find out more about the state requirements here.


Educating Special Needs Students


Reaching and Teaching Students with ADD/ADHD

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Teaching Special Populations