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Partner Universities

Our Academic Partners

TEI offers graduate credit through four partner universities. Our partners are well-established regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities, and each is recognized for academic excellence and their commitment to teachers. As a TEI student, you are able to take classes through any of our partners. Each of our partners issues transcripts directly to students, a process that can take up to 6-8 weeks during peak times. Depending on where you live, your district may have additional requirements regarding where credits are issued. Learn more about our partners below and always check with your school, district, or state before taking a class.


ATTENTION Students with credit through NOTRE DAME COLLEGE:

ALL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS need to be made by May 27th. After that date Notre Dame College will be transferring records to a custodial institution. There will be a 2-3 week period when NO TRANSCRIPTS will be processed. To request a transcript go to the Notre Dame College webpage and click on the transcript link BEFORE May 27.


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or get in touch.

Our partners share our belief that professional development should inspire and empower teachers and positively impact student achievement. We therefore work closely with our academic partners to ensure that TEI's courses maintain compliance with rigorous quality standards.

TEI provides graduate-level professional development courses that fit within an academic partner's Master of Education program; the academic partner decides which TEI courses fit into its program.

Our academic partners benefit from increased enrollment and revenue, expanded curriculum, access to our online distribution network, and significant marketing exposure from our direct mail and online advertising campaigns while our students benefit by earning transcripts from quality universities. 

For more information on becoming an academic partner, please contact Vince Welsh at vwelsh@teachereducation.com.