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Q: How long will my face-to-face graduate/professional development course last?

A: TEI face-to-face graduate courses, both on-site and Zoom are taught over two weekends or five consecutive weekdays. Weekend classes meet from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Weekday classes meet from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students must attend all sessions in full to receive credit.

Q: How long will my online graduate/professional development course last?

A: Course length per course is as follows:

3 credit  13 weeks

2 credit  7 weeks

1 credit 4 weeks

Q: Is my TEI online course self-paced? Do I have to log in at a specific time?

A: All TEI online courses are asynchronous.  You can choose a study time that best meets your schedule.  Assignments are due on designated dates. These are established and posted at the beginning of the course. 

Q: Where are face-to-face courses held?

A: TEI face-to-face graduate courses are held at schools, conference centers, and major hotels, or over a TEI institutional Zoom account. All of our locations provide a professional academic environment and are conveniently located. That same professional academic work environment is expected of students participating via Zoom. We currently hold on-site courses in New York and Pennsylvania. 

Q: I've never taken an online class before. Are there some instructions available to help me get started? 

A: Yes, we've put together a document that should help you access the course that you have registered for. You can view it here. If you still have questions after reviewing the instructions, don't hesitate to reach out to our office. 

Q: Are there any technical requirements for taking a TEI online course?

A:Computer & Internet access required.  Students must have regular access to a computer and be able to use computer skills to successfully complete this course. Many problems instructors and students run into stem from mis-configured browsers, incorrect software versions, pop-up blockers, and other issues. Most of these issues can be prevented by performing the browser tune up before the course or once a problem arises. Often students find it easier to use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari rather than Internet Explorer; for some applications Internet Explorer may work well.

Q: How do I receive graduate credit for a TEI on-site or online graduate course?

A: Graduate credit for TEI courses is issued by our academic partners. When registering with TEI, select the graduate credit section and return the appropriate registration forms.  All of our academic partners are regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities. To learn more about our academic partners, click here.

Q: Can my TEI graduate courses be used as class credit within or toward my master's degree program?

A: Students seeking transfer credit into a degree program would do so as outlined in the University catalog.  Transcripts may be ordered directly through TEI university partners.

Q: I am taking a TEI course for professional development points (PDP, CEU, etc.) rather than for graduate credit. What type of professional development credit will I receive?

A: All professional development course participants receive a certificate of completion from TEI for professional development, in-service, or continuing education units. You should always obtain approval from your district prior to registering for a TEI course. On-site courses are equivalent to 45 hours, and online courses are equivalent to 60 hours.

Q: I'll be out of town briefly while I am taking an online course. Will that be a problem?

A: If you are going to be out of town when an assignment is due, you have the option to complete the assignment early. Contact your instructor to discuss alternative arrangements. 

Q: What if I have questions?

A: TEI courses are taught by certified instructors who each hold a Master's Degree or higher, in the content area. Each instructor is personally involved in your learning and available to answer any questions you may have. Participants may also e-mail TEI or call/text 1-800-331-2208 with questions.

Q: Does it matter which browser I'm using?

A: Often students find it easier to use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari rather than Internet Explorer; for some applications Internet Explorer may work well.


Q: How are TEI graduate courses graded?

A: The syllabus for each course outlines specific grading criteria. Additionally, rubrics for each course assignment are provided.  Graduate course participants receive a letter grade. TEI will forward the letter grade to the appropriate credit-issuing academic partner. Professional development participants will receive a pass/fail grade and a certificate of completion from Teacher Education Institute, NOT an official transcript from one of our academic partners.

Q: How much do these courses cost?

A: TEI is one of the most affordable providers of high-quality, graduate-level professional development in the country. Course registration fees vary by type of credit and location. You can view the pricing of each of our partners if you visit the University Partners tab and select the college you wish to take classes through. 

Q: How long will it take to receive my transcripts?

TEI advises 6 to 8 weeks after course end date for transcripts to arrive.  Although it rarely takes this long, there are peak volume times throughout the year during which this could be the case. 

Q: How much class time can I miss?

A: Class times are established in accordance with requisite numbers for graduate credit. Students are not allowed to miss any face-to-face sessions.  

Q: I have alternate plans during one of my face-to-face class dates. What should I do?

A:We recommend that you transfer into a different class and our policies require that a student attend each session to receive credit for the course. 

Q: Can I pay when I get to class?

A: TEI Instructors are not allowed to accept payment. Registration fees are due in full, 2 weeks prior to course start date in order to maintain your space in the class and avoid a late fee. Especially in the case of a class with a waiting list: full balance must be paid two weeks before the class start date, unless alternate arrangements have been made through the registrar's office. Failure to pay in full by this deadline may result in the student being removed from the course. 

Q: My friend is in one section of a course and I am in another. Can I switch sections and attend the section with my friend?

A: You must attend the course section for which you are registered. Our instructors will not allow anyone into a class whose name does not appear on the corresponding roster. Even if both sections are meeting at the same venue, you must attend the assigned section.

Q: I am on a waiting list for a course that starts soon, but it doesn’t look like anything is going to open up. Can I just show up and register on-site?

A: TEI instructors will not allow walk-ins. All students must appear on the roster.

Q: Can I attend one weekend of class at one location and complete it at another location?

A: You may only attend the assigned section and must attend for each scheduled meeting in order to receive credit. 

Q: How do TEI’s online courses work?

A: Course length per course is as follows:

3 credit  13 weeks

2 credit  7 weeks

1 credit 4 weeks


You may choose to take your online course for professional development (CEU or in-service, etc.) or graduate credit.  Transcripts indicating graduate credits are ordered directly through the credit granting institution.  A certificate of completion is automatically sent to participants who successfully complete professional development courses. 

Prior to the course you will need to purchase the textbook. The list of textbooks for corresponding courses can be found here. We have many in stock so if you can't find a copy let us know.

The day class begins, you will receive a welcome email containing your username, password, and login instructions.

You will submit  assignments via email, directly to your professor in accordance with the established due dates..

Although the courses are asynchronous, participants interact through a variety of methods such as email, group blogs, and shared online discussions.

You do not have to be online at a certain time, but you are required to complete and submit your assignments on time in order to maintain academic interactions with other participants.

There will be a final project or exam.

In order to receive a transcript, you must request one from the college directly. If you have questions about this feel free to reach out to TEI.

A grade report can be requested through the TEI registrar’s office. This document will include the records for all TEI classes you've taken. This is not an official transcript but can sometimes be used for the same purpose while students wait for official transcripts to arrive. 

Q: I live in Pennsylvania. Can I use TEI courses for ACT 48 credits?

A: All TEI face-to-face and online classes equal 90 ACT 48 credit hours per class.

Q: Can TEI courses be used for recertification?

A: State and district requirements vary so we always advise participants to check with your school, district, or state before registering.

Q: What’s the difference between a graduate-credit course and a professional development credit course?

A: Participants who successfully complete a professional development class receive a certificate of completion in lieu of a letter grade and transcript.

Q: Can I register late for my online course?

A: You may register up to one week after the start date of the course.

Q: Can I drop my online course?

A: Online classes cannot be dropped on or after the start date. If you find that you need to cancel a course, you may do so up to two weeks before the class start date without a fee. The course deposit of $50.00 will be held on your account for one year after the original course start date.

A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if you drop within two weeks of the course start date in addition to the $50 deposit. Once an online class has started, no withdrawals or refunds are available.  If you wish to transfer to a different class, you must do so prior to the 2 week window, there is a fee of $20 to transfer.

Q. Can I drop my face to face course?

A. Face to face classes must be dropped 2 weeks prior to start date to avoid a $50 cancellation fee, not to be confused with the $50 non refundable deposit.  The non refundable deposit is applied to your account as a credit. 

Q: If I register late for an online course, can I start my coursework without my book?

A: Participants can register up to one week after the course start date. Most classes have an introduction assignment during this time. 

Q: How do I get my books?

A: You are responsible for ordering your own textbook. The textbook information page can be found here. TEI has select titles in stock so ask when you sign up if you'd like to purchase your book directly from us. 

Q: My district is paying for my course. Can I pay with a P.O. number?

A: There must be a P.O. agreement in place in order to use this method of payment. Grades are not issued when a balance is due.

Think of a question that's not answered here? Call/text us at 800.331.2208 or email TEI here.