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Q: How long will my TEI on-site graduate course last?

A: All TEI on-site graduate courses (three semester hours of credit) are taught over two weekends or five consecutive weekdays. Weekend classes meet from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Weekday classes meet from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q: Where are TEI on-site graduate courses held?

A: TEI on-site graduate courses are held at schools, conference centers and major hotels. All of our locations provide a professional academic environment and are conveniently located. Visit our Courses page to find the location that works best for you!

Q: Is my TEI online graduate course self-paced?

A: All TEI online courses are Instructor-led.

Q: Do I have to login at a specific time?

A: All TEI online courses are asychronous. Therefore, you can work at a time that is convenient for you.

Q: Are there any technical requirements for taking a TEI online course?

A: Students may use either a Macintosh computer or a PC with Windows 2000 or higher. Students should possess basic word processing skills and have internet access with an active e-mail account. Students also are expected to have a basic knowledge of how to use a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Q: How long will my TEI online graduate course last?

A: All TEI online graduate courses (three semester hours of credit) last thirteen weeks. You will receive your course materials, login name and password approximately one week prior to the start date of your course.

Q: How do I receive graduate credit for a TEI on-site or online graduate course?

A: Graduate credit for TEI on-site and online courses is issued by our Academic Partners. All of our Academic Partners are regionally and/or nationally accredited colleges and universities. To visit our Academic Partner page, click here.

Q: Can my TEI graduate courses be used as class credit within or toward my Master's Degree program?

A: Graduate credit may be transferred as elective courses into existing graduate programs - but only with prior approval from your academic advisor.

Q: How long do TEI professional development courses last?

A: If you are seeking professional development credit for an on-site course you will attend class over two weekends or one week. If you are seeking professional development credit online you will attend class over a thirteen-week period.

Q: I am taking a TEI course for professional development points (PDP, CEU, etc.) rather than for graduate credit. What type of professional development credit will I receive?

A: All professional development course participants receive a Certificate of Completion from TEI for professional development, in-service or continuing education units. You should always obtain approval from your district prior to registering for a TEI course. Typically, on-site courses are equal to 45 hours, and online courses are equal to 60 hours, but this can vary from district to district. Remember to confirm with your district the conversion of the hours to appropriate credit units.

Q: I'll be out of town briefly while I am taking an online course. Will that be a problem?

A: If you are going to be out of town when an assignment is due, you have the option to complete the assignment early. Contact your Instructor to discuss alternative arrangements.

Q: What if I have questions?

A: TEI courses are taught by certified Instructors who hold a Master's Degree or higher. Each Instructor is personally involved in your learning and available to answer any questions you may have. Participants may also e-mail TEI here or call 1-800-331-2208 with questions.

Q: My online course recommends using Microsoft Internet Explorer as my Web browser application. Can I use other browsers?

A: TEI online courses are compatible with today’s most popular browsers. We recommend that you use the most recent versions. You can find them here: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or AOL.

Q: How are TEI graduate courses graded?

A: All graduate course participants receive a letter grade. TEI will forward the letter grade to the appropriate credit-issuing Academic Partner. Professional Development participants will receive a pass/fail grade and a certificate of completion from Teacher Education Institute, NOT an official transcript from one of our Academic Partners.

Q: How much is all of this going to cost?

A: TEI is one of the most affordable providers of high-quality, graduate-level professional development in the country. Course registration fees vary. Click on the course title from the courses page to see the various pricing options per course.

Q: How long will it take to receive my transcripts?

Once you have filled out and returned the appropriate Transcript Request Form, our Academic Partners ask for approximately 6-8 weeks to process the transcripts and send them to you. You can request or check the status of your transcripts, by contacting our Academic Partners' Registrar's Offices below:

Q: What are your class times?

A. Weekend classes meet on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Week long classes meet Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Q: How much class time can I miss?

A: Each Academic Partner has different requirements. Please contact our Registrar at 800.331.2208 or registrar@teachereducation.com for more information.

Q: I have alternate plans during one of my on-site class dates. What should I do?

A. We recommend that you transfer into a different class.

Q: Can I pay when I get to class?

A. TEI Instructors are not allowed to accept payment. Registration fees must be paid in full by 5:00pm (EDT) on the date of the class.  Any student with an unpaid balance will not be permitted to attend class.  In the case of a class with a waiting list: Full balance of registration must be paid 2 weeks before the class start date, unless alternate arrangements have been made through the registrar's office.

Q: My friend is in one section of a course and I am in another. Can I switch sections and attend the section with my friend?

A. You must attend the course section for which you are registered. Our Instructors will not allow anyone into a class whose name does not appear on the corresponding Section Roster. Even if both sections are meeting at the same hotel, you must attend the assigned section.

Q: I am on a waiting list for a course that starts soon, but it doesn’t look like anything is going to open up. Can I just show up and register on-site?

A. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but students are not admitted unless they have registered in advance. TEI instructors will not allow anyone into the course whose name is not on the roster.

Q: Can I attend one weekend of class at one location and complete it at another location?

A. You may only attend the assigned section.

Q: How do TEI’s online courses work?

A:  Our online courses have the same course content as our on-site courses. All of our courses are instructor-led.

    • All TEI online courses are 13 weeks.
    • You will earn 3 graduate credits for successfully completing the course.
    • You may choose to take your online course for professional development credit (CEU or in-service, etc.)
    • Prior to the course, you purchase the textbook. The list of textbooks for corresponding courses can be found here.
    • The day class begins, you will receive a welcome email containing your username and password and login instructions. Your login will not be valid until the actual start date of your course.
    • You will submit your weekly assignments to your professor via email.
    • Although the courses are asynchronous, participants interact through a variety of methods such as email, group blogs and shared online discussions.
    • You do not have to be online at a certain time, but you are required to complete and submit your assignments on time in order to maintain academic interactions with other participants.
    • There will be a final project or exam.
    • You do not have to be online at a certain time or for a certain amount of time each week, but you are required to complete and submit your assignments on time.
    • In order to receive a transcript, you must request one.

Q: I live in Pennsylvania. Can I use TEI courses for ACT 48 credits?

A. All TEI On-site and online classes equal 90 ACT 48 credit hours per class.

Q: Can TEI courses be used for recertification?

A. Always check with your district prior to registering for a course. Typically, TEI courses can be used toward recertification. If you are not currently teaching, we recommend that you check with your state board of education to verify that the courses will be accepted.

Q: What’s the difference between a graduate-credit course and a professional development credit course?

A. The courses, and the coursework associated with them, are identical. The main differences:

    1. TEI professional development credit courses are pass/fail (you will not receive a letter grade).
    2. You will receive certificate of completion in lieu of a transcript.
    3. Professional development credit courses are priced less than graduate credit courses.

Q: Can I register late for my online course?

A: You may register up to one week after the start date of the course.

Q: Can I drop my online course?

A: Online classes cannot be dropped on or after the start date. If you find that you need to cancel a course, you may do so up to 2 weeks before the class start date without a fee. A $50 late fee will be charged within 2 weeks of the course start date. The cancellation fee is not to be confused with the non refundable deposit.

Q: If I register late for an online course, can I start my coursework without my book?

A. Typically you are able to complete one week of coursework without your book. We will notify your Instructor that you registered late.

Q: How do I get my books?

A. You are responsible for ordering your own textbook. The textbook information page can be found here.

Q: My district is paying for my course. Can I pay with a P.O. number?

A. You may pay for the course with a P.O.#, Email or fax the P.O. to our Client Service Department at 1.407.536.6000.

Think of a question that's not answered here? Call 800.331.2208 or email TEI here.