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Please click here to find important information about each of our partner universities prior to registering to find out which partner you should work with. While TEI does not have policies relating to which schools students may earn credit from, some districts have rules regulating this so always check with your school or district before taking one of our classes. 

All of our courses are available for professional development credit in addition to graduate credit. To register for an online professional development course click below. If you're interested in taking an on-site course for professional development, please call us at 800-331-2208 to register. Contact your state's education department if you are unsure whether to take a course for graduate or professional development credit. 

To register for a course for graduate credit, click the university partner you've chosen from the four listed here. You will be directed to the list of available graduate courses through that college.

Not all of our courses are offered by each partner university so if you need a class but you're not seeing it on the list, that may be the reason.

Once you've registered through TEI, you will need to fill out an additional registration form. The forms are collected by TEI and submitted to the colleges. Information about necessary forms for each college can be found on the Partner Universities tab at the top of the page.


If you'd like to register over the phone or you have questions about the process please give us a call. We're available between 9:00a and 5:00p and would be more than happy to walk you through the registration process.