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Health and Wellness | December 13-15 and December 20-22 | Zoom | Scott Ballard

The university you select will award your graduate credit and issue your official transcript.



Schedule: Fridays (6:00 PM- 9:00 PM), Saturdays/Sundays (8:00 AM- 6:00 PM)

To receive in-service credit/professional development credit, email our office at tei@teachereducation.com or call/text our office at 800-331-2208. For more information on TEI's partner universities, earning graduate credit, and ordering official transcripts, click here.

Carlow University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Upon completion of this course, you will receive three (3) semester hours of graduate credit and a letter grade which will be reflected on an official transcript issued by Carlow University. Learn more about earning graduate credit with Carlow University here.

Act 48 Credit: If you need Act 48 credit, please visit Carlow University’s Act 48 submission page

Act 48 credit will be processed through Carlow University upon request.


Professional Development Credit (In-service Credit)

Professional development participants will receive a certificate of completion reflecting 45 hours of PD credit upon completion of the course. Professional development participants will not receive graduate credit or an official transcript. To receive in-service credit/professional development credit, email our office at tei@teachereducation.com or call/text our office at 800-331-2208.