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Quality Assurance

TEI's five-step Quality Assurance process enforces our commitment to maintain rigorous academic standards:

  1. TEI regularly reviews our course creation and instruction practices to ensure continuous compliance with State and National standards, National Staff Development Council Standards, and the Course Development Standards of our Academic Partners.
  2. We require each student to complete an end-of-course evaluation survey. The surveys reviewed by our Instruction and Curriculum Development Committees.
  3. All courses are audited on a semi-annual basis by TEI staff and Academic Partner faculty. Reports based on these audits are reviewed by our Curriculum Development and Instruction Committees.
  4. Pre and post testing measure perceived increase in skills and achievement for each course. Analysis reports are generated measuring the statistically significant difference in the learning outcomes.
  5. All TEI instructors hold a minimum of a Master's Degree, are current or former K-12 classroom teachers and are pre-approved by our Academic Partners as Adjunct Faculty.